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Welcome to

Montem Nursery and Primary School
for children aged 2-11

Together we learn

Welcome to

Montem Nursery and Primary School
for children aged 2-11

Together we learn

How we communicate with parents

We provide you with timely, accurate information about your child in a variety of ways. The key ways we do this are:


Parentmail: This is an app you can download for free on your phone. We use it for standard communication with parents. We can message you and send you documents. You can complete forms like trip letters and also manage payments to the school through the app. We really like the fact that it is paperless and that we know you are always getting messages, even if your child is away from school. We also like the fact that on your phone you can run our letters through translation programs, if English is not your first language. We ask all parents to provide us with emails and phone numbers, download the app and read the information we send you.


Newsletter: Every half term we send out a school newsletter. This includes key information on school and parent events. It has important updates on subjects such as attendance as well as holiday dates and information.


Informal Conversations: We really value developing relationships with all our parents. A member of staff may stop you at the beginning or end of the day to pass on information or simply share some time with you. Class teachers in particular will want to get to know you and pass on key information this way.


Phone Calls: If we are unable to catch you in a playground, if we need to contact you during the school day or if we want a longer and more private conversation, we will call you. It is very important that we have up to date phone numbers for you. In an emergency, we will need to get in touch. If you see the school calling, please do answer.


Meetings: In a variety of situations we may ask you to attend a meeting with school staff. We will always contact you to discuss your availability and be as flexible as possible in arranging meetings. However, especially if external agency workers are involved, our ability to be flexible may be limited. We ask parents to be flexible themselves and to please attend school meetings, on time. 


Home Visits: If your child is joining us in Early Years (Nursery or Reception), we will arrange a home visit with you. Key staff will come to your home before your child starts school, to meet with you and your child. We think it is very helpful for children to meet us in their own space, before they come to us and learn to make Montem their second home! During home visits you get to know your child's teachers and find out everything you want to know about life at school.


The Early Years Tea Party: Before your child starts in Nursery or Reception, we will invite you and them to a tea party. You'll get to know the space and teachers, as well as other parents and children. 


Meet the Teacher: At the beginning of each term we run a meet the teacher event for parents. This is a chance for you to get to know the teaching teams, as well as find out about expectations, routines and learning for the year ahead.


Focus Child Meetings from Nursery to Year 1: Throughout our Early Years and Year 1 classes we run a focus child system. A key member of staff has particular responsibility for the learning and wellbeing of a small group of children. On a termly basis we will invite you to a meeting after school with your child's key worker. We will discuss your child's progress, advise on ways you can support them at home and ensure your knowledge of your child is integrated into their school experience.


Parent Evenings for Years 2-6: Once a term we will invite you in for a meeting with your child's teacher to discuss their progress across the curriculum. We will offer you a choice of a face to face meeting in school, or a remote, online meeting via 'Google Meets.'


Class Assemblies and Topic Gallery Events: Once a term the children in Years 2-6 prepare a class assembly or display of their learning for parents to view and celebrate with them. 


Values Postcards: Every week we notice children who have done something special in relation to our school values. We write them a special postcard and post them home to you. In Reception and Year 1 the children are given them to take home.


Celebration Assemblies: On a weekly basis we run Celebration Assemblies in which we read out the postcards children have earned and celebrate their achievements. We run these remotely for children in Years 2-6, using Google Meets, with children logging in from their classrooms, so that you can log in and join us too. Children in Reception and Year 1 have their celebration assembly in person.


End of Year Report: At the end of each academic year we will provide you with a written summary of your child's learning and achievements.


Parent Survey: We run an annual parent survey and welcome your views and feedback.


Twitter:  We run a twitter account. We use the account to celebrate our successes and give you an ongoing insight into life at Montem. Sign up to stay on top of all the amazing things your child is getting up to.


Website: We use our website as a repository of key information and an entry point for prospective parents. It is not the place to see ongoing conversation from the school, although we do publish key school dates on our website calendar. If you want to see detail about things like school governance, our performance, our curriculum and our policies, this is the place to come.