Our Governors

The Governing Body is committed to improving the lives of children and families at Montem. It does this by challenging and supporting the senior leaders of the school, by sitting on committees and by visiting the school. Staff, parents and community members give liberally of their time, experience and expertise to be governors.

Meet the Montem governors:


Chair of Governors

Nikki Omar (Parent Governor, CFC, R, P, S&C) has been a Governor at Montem since Dec 2016 and Chair since September 2018. 


Vice-Chair / Chair of Curriculum and Standards Committee

Peter Henderson (Co-opted, S&C) is Vice-Chair of Governors and Chair of the Curriculum and Standards Committee. Peter has been a Governor at Montem since September 2016. He joined the governing body because he wanted to do something helpful for his local community. When he is not at Montem, Peter works for a charity which funds educational research.


Chair of Resources Committee

Maggie Elliott (Co-opted, R, P) is Chair of the joint resources committee, (shared with Drayton Park School) and was previously Chair of Governors since 2006. She first became a community governor in 2004 because of a desire to know the community better and her belief in the power of education to change lives. One of her favourite days of the year is the Governor Day held in January, when the governors visit all the classes and eat lunch with the children. When she isn’t at Montem, she works as a partner in a marketing consultancy, providing support to banks and investment management firms, and chairs several charities committed to alleviating poverty and ill-health in Islington and London.


The Resources Committee oversees the school finances, ensuring that the school operates within all applicable financial regulations and is achieving value for money. It oversees the maintenance and development of the school site and premises to secure an environment which is both safe and conducive to learning. It is also responsible for the adoption and implementation of staffing policies and procedures, ensuring that the school adheres to all principles of good and fair employment practices.


Chair of Children, Families and Communities Committee

Alain Desmier is Chair of the Children, Families and Communities Committee (CFC) and has been a Governor at Montem since January 2014, and served as Chair of Governors 2016-2018. Alain lives locally and is committed to make a positive difference to the lives of Montem students and the local community.

The CFC committee reviews and scrutinises the schools approach to safeguarding, attendance and punctuality, school behaviour and the role schools plays in the lives of our parents and the wider community.


The other Governors are:

Damien Parrott, Exec Headteacher (CFC, R, S&C) - appointed 1 Sep 2017

Nicola Omar, Parent Governor (S&C) - appointed 12 Dec 2016

James Glass, Co-opted Governor (R) - appointed 28 Mar 2016

Heather Alcock, Co-opted Governor (R, S&C) 

Louise Rooney, Parent Governor 

Leo Michelmore, Local Authority Govenor (CFC)

Zoe Solomons, Parent Governor

Francesca Simeone, Staff Governor


Committee membership key:


Children, Families & Community (CFC)

Resources (R)

Standards & Curriculum (S&C)

Pay Review Committee (P)