At Montem School we provide a curriculum that is rich and varied that enables everyone to succeed.  We want everyone to enjoy school and plan lots of exciting activities to engage children with learning. Teaching combines single subject teaching with thematic units.  We have a strong emphasis on the teaching of the key skills – reading, writing and mathematics – and plan learning to enable children to apply these skills across the curriculum.  The majority of teaching is by the class teacher with some teaching provided by specialist teachers. 

The Early Years Foundation Stage Framework in Nursery and Reception and the National Curriculum in Years 1 to 6 form the basis of our curriculum.  We supplement this with additional learning that meets the needs of our children and reflects our community.

Our curriculum map details the teaching and learning that happens in each year group. More detailed information on our curriculum can be provided by class teachers or assistant head teachers on request.

Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 (years 1 to 6)


In addition to a daily English lesson, reading is taught every day throughout the school and phonics happens every day in the lower part of the school. 


Starting in the nursery, all children learn phonics as a key tool for learning to read.  We, like many schools, follow the Letters and Sounds scheme. 


Reading happens every day at Montem.  Guided group reading, led by the teacher is the main way that we teach reading.  This is complemented by one-to-one reading and whole class teaching.  Children are also expected to read at home every day.

We select texts very carefully to engage children as readers and expose them to a broad range of books.  We use a combination of modern and classic texts including texts that reflect our school community. 

Reading for pleasure is a high priority.  Children borrow books from our well-stocked library and benefit from support from our Reading Champion. 

As children progress through the school, they are introduced to different books based on their reading skills. This depends on the child’s ability to decode the words and understand the contents. Please click here for more information about the different 'Book Bands' used to assess children’s reading and how best to support your child reading at a particular band.


All our children write every day, in English lessons and throughout the curriculum.  Children are taught to write for a range of purposes and in a range of contexts – some real and some imaginary.


Daily maths lessons ensure children develop key mathematical skills.  Our curriculum strongly emphasises arithmetic as this is fundamental to all mathematical understanding.  Problem solving enables children to apply mathematical understanding in a range of contexts thereby deepening understanding. 


Science lessons emphasise a ’hands-on’ approach to learning.  Children develop knowledge and understanding through investigations and experiments.  As children progress through the school their investigative and scientific skills are developed through a range of focused units.